Janina San Miguel vs. Ms. South Carolina

March 13, 2008

I know you guys are pretty tired right now from hearing about Janina’s excursion in the travesty that is the Bb. Pilipinas pageant show. I promise I won’t post anything about her as soon as I give my 2 cents worth on the issue.
But before that I’d like to say something to some people who are clamoring in support of her. They tell us that we should not judge her because she doesn’t know English, and speaking in English is a sign of colonialism yadda yadda:
“Please don’t take the “English is a colonial language” argument in justifying this travesty. Some of us actually don’t care whether she answered in English or in Filipino. The point is that she didn’t answer the question, but she still won. ’nuff said.”

For those of you who haven’t seen the clip yet, here’s a Youtube clip.

Yet it seems that even users of English as a first language can have a hard time in answering the “question and answer portion”. So much for the argument that English should be given more priority here… Btw, here’s a clip with the infamous Ms. South Carolina 2007.

So here’s my 2 cents that you’ve been waiting for. Stop yammering that Filipino should be given more importance in the country. Stop yammering that English is declining and we should do something about it. Stop yammering that beauty and brains should go together.
Just stop, and enjoy these blunders, hoping that they’d stop doing them in the future.

PS I do wonder if it’s possible to raise one’s ability to answer intelligently. If it’s not possible, then I do hope that Janina doesn’t get to be in the tof 10 during the Ms. World contest proper. She already shamed herself during the local contest. May she not shame her country during the international contest.



  1. Prepare for the Filipino version of the “dumb blond”. I actually think they are multiplying too fast for “English coaching” lessons to overtake them all.

  2. 2 cents worth conceded.

    Add to that – the contest was a *beauty* contest, literally. Brains? What brains? lol

  3. You are absolutely correct. She didn’t even answeer the question.

    Do you know what’s even more comical ENG.DR? Some of those bloggers on YOUTUBE and elsewhere, are so passionate they forget that whether this young beauty wins the Miss World title or not, the morning after the pageant, they still wake up as ugly as they did the day before.

    One blogger, even posted her photo, claiming she was a former beauty queen contestant and boasted of her fluency in English and Tagalog. My response was, “sweetheart, it only means you’re an idiot in two languages.”

    Furthermore, this particular commenter was so ugly, that I believed that when she born, the doctor slapped her mother!

    Go figure.

  4. Let’s face it that the Binibining Pilipinas franchise holder of this international competition is winning undeserving winners. I was there in 2001 in Araneta coliseum when those dumb winners were announced. Shit, very shameful that there were some stunning beauty who didn’t even made it to the finalist. Shit, those winners every year were politically chosen. Shit, that this franchise holder is not losing its battle for choosing political winners. C’mon, even a highschool student knows how to judge a real brain and beauty. Shame, that a Filipina beauty has been declining in the international pageant specifically Miss Universe because the Bb. Pilipinas title is always given to a political chosen.

    Ruffa Gutierrez though she won Miss World 2nd runner up could have been in the Miss Universe.

    Hey, franchise holder, are you not getting fucked up?

  5. And this, filipino people will tell you, they’re unified in internet voting for Miss Universe photogenic just to raise Philippine pride. Yet it doesn’t happen all the time specially when obviously there’s no quality to that delegate.

    C’mon! Aren’t you tired of doing this political pageant every year? It’s not an attack against your organization or company but its an awareness that people just watched Bb Pilipinas political pageant because of the prestige winners will represent in international competitions, and not for anything else. Bb stands for beauty and brain, yet with several years of politics running through it becomes battle of the brainless and obviously backing the best to whom a certain candidate knows.

    Its very pity for those deserving contestants who stand out that has international winning quality that most of them are not making it because of choosing the winners politically. So in the international competition, judges don’t notice them because they have common personality.

  6. janina, your such a great woman i ever knew..though a lot of contoversies came into your life but then u surpassed it.. gud lak..!!

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