NMAT Part 6 or “nmat review center in iligan city”

March 12, 2008

According to the records in my blog, someone was apparently looking for an NMAT review center in my city. I don’t think the review centers here offer such services. They seem to concentrate too much on the Nursing Boards. Besides, the market is not that big for a review center to cater to NMAT takers.
There were more or less 300 takers of the NMAT in Cagayan de Oro last December 2007. In all probability, most of them were from Cagayan de Oro considering that it is more prosperous than Iligan City. There were also takers from Bukidnon. They may not account for a high population, but I’m not sure about this since I only met a few of them. Takers from Iligan City and Marawi City would probably account for about half the number of takers; though Iligan is more prosperous, Marawi has quite a number of rich Muslim families. Conventional medicine tuition, btw, is hardly cheap hence, the attempted relationship finding between level of affluence and takers.
So ’nuff said about those details. What I’m trying to tell you my random blog visitor is that you won’t find review centers in Iligan City. They are just not feasible.

PS I can, btw, offer my services, which is why I made this post. THANK YOU.
Please feel free to contact me for details.



  1. Hello,
    Just wondering- can a US citizen, after going to medical school in RP, practice medicine in RP? He is married to a Filipina.

  2. I wouldn’t know about that. Better ask the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) or the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

    DFA: http://www.dfa.gov.ph/
    DOLE: http://www.dole.gov.ph/

    Btw, I read from somewhere in the http://pinoy.md forum site about people who went through a similar case. They were Filipino citizens. They graduated from a Filipino Med school, practiced in the States for a while, but had a hard time applying for a work permit when they decided to return to the Philippines.
    I’m not an expert on how Philippine law deals with such a case, but I think the guy has to pass several accreditation exams before he can practice here. I think he also needs to get a work visa indicating his profession. Presumably, he might be better off being naturalized, but this could also further complicate matters.
    Better check with the above sites.

  3. Thanks for the info.

  4. Hello! Thanks God for this blog! I’ve been browsing the net for the last 2 weeks but I counldn’t figure out how to get the NMAT while I’m here in United States. I would really value your info… :-))

  5. Check out this site:

    You’ll find what you need there.

  6. Hello! Paano po kami mag-apply para sa NMAT? Kailan po ang exam? Saan po kami magtake nagexam dahil andito po kami sa Sulu kung saan dito po kami nag-aaral.Gusto po namin magtake nag exam. Turuan niyo po sana kami kung paano..

    • Yikes. I think the deadline was last week. You could always check with CEM. Call them. Their number is posted somewhere in the Internet.
      Btw, you could go to a Medical School in Zamboanga and inquire from them.

  7. hello here s cell no.09185763434 pls. can u contact us

  8. Good am sir/ maam, I just want to ask if you have any nmat review center in iligan city pls answered thanks

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