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Darkening Cream

October 27, 2007

In an unbelievable event that would shock ordinary Filipinos, scientists have discovered a way to turn light skinned people dark.
Scientists recognize that fair skinned people have a damaged metabolic pathway that prevents them from producing melanin, the pigment that protects us from the sun. A study led by Dr. David E. Fisher, director of the Melanoma Program at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, tested a small molecule on red-eyed and fair skinned mice. It turned out that it restored the damaged pathway. Nevertheless, it would be a while before this would be used on humans. Good news for those Caucasians who want a tan. Bad news to those Filipinos who want to be fair.
Rumor has it that Filipino scientists are doing a parallel research. Instead of trying to repair the pathway that makes people dark, they are looking for ways to destroy that pathway. It wouldn’t be long before whitening would be as easy as lathering real whitening lotion on the skin. Now who wouldn’t feel happy throwing away those lying whitening soaps, lotions, and creams?


Erap Pardoned

October 26, 2007

In a show of utter contempt for all things politically decent, Gloria pardons Erap.
I pity the prosecution lawyers. They spent 6 years of their lives for naught! The b–, I mean witch, magically turns all their work, sleepless nights, life threats, etc., to dust. If ever there was a thankless job, it would have been theirs.
And if I hadn’t been able to shut myself off from being affected that much, I would have strapped myself to a nuclear warhead and detonated it in at wherever Erap may be. Fortunately, I’ve come to grips with my anger, and most fortunately for everyone else I can’t find a nuclear warhead anywhere. I just hope that lucky bugger’s smile would actually tear his cheek muscles. Now if only that coward would graciously disappear, so I wouldn’t risk getting hypertension.
Now if that is how I feel about Erap, then I should logically feel something about the source of all this controversy. Yet, truth be told, I feel nothing about Gloria. Nothing as in the number of Y chromosomes true human females have. Perhaps its because I believe that she is capable of everything evil that I can no longer be surprised with her antics. As with most everyone else who still have a “sane” mind (I still have one, but its barely holding on…), I’m just waiting for the time that she will reap the rewards of her actions.
But what does all this have to do with the good citizen who gets well informed with political issues? I am of course sarcastically referring to myself, and my answer is that I do not know. I don’t even want to know more about the travesty that is happening in this country. I won’t be watching any news nor reading any papers until his angst or this situation cools down, whichever is sooner.
That cooling off period, however, would be a long time in coming. Pretty soon, I won’t even have the humor to categorize myself as a good citizen. Perhaps I’d even think about renouncing my citizenship altogether and exchange it for something British.* Nevertheless, my current situation makes this event as obtainable as a nuclear warhead.

*Good citizen doesn’t want American citizenship. Watching Michael Moore’s Sicko convinced him of the evils of America’s health care system.



October 21, 2007

It’s sampiring, not sapiring, not iras.*
If you have no idea what I’m talking about then you must not be Bisaya (Cebuano) or Ilonggo. Sampiring, take not of the the “m”, is my city’s word for the critter above. Sapiring is used by those who live to the South and West of us. We are Cebuanos but dialects can change after 40 km or less. Iras is the Ilonggo equivalent, ’nuff said. Don’t ask me about the Tagalog equivalent. I don’t think I’ve even seen a single caterpillar in my five or so years in Manila!
Whatever you call it, you’d do well to avoid it. What looks like innocent, soft hair on it are actually tiny barbs analogous to bee stings. They’re fluffy if you play with them. Just expect an itchy sting start, one that you’d barely notice. You’d then scratch it reflexively, perhaps even without noticing what you’re doing. 20 minutes later you’d end up with raised, bumpy skin that isn’t anything but ITCHY! What’s worse is that the sites of inflammation follows your itching pattern.
So if you ever suspect that that itch is of sampiring origin, do not give in to your instincts! Fight the itch with your mind, not with your hand. Just be assured that once the inflammation reaches its acme, it can no longer spread. You’re safe. Just wait until the convalescence period ends, which would take about a few hours, and you’ll have the same smooth skin as before the incident.
And I’ve just discovered that it is not the hair, per ce that causes the itch. I merely rubbed the hair lightly on my skin. I threw them away thinking that since that no hair means no itch. The itch that followed revealed my mistake. Microbfibers could have lodged in my skin and caused my immune system to go ballistic.
Good thing there was not a short supply of long hair around. I had the itch whipped with hair as per folk medicine indications. I followed it up with packaging tape to remove as much of the sticking fiber as possible. I no longer itch, but the bumps although diminishing are still there. They would eventually disappear, leaving me only a deeper respect for the sampiring, sapiring, iras, or whatever you may call it.

*Judging from the link, the author apparently visited or have lived or is living in the Philippines. I cannot understand a word of Hiragana, but the enclosed word described the critter as sapiring. How dare that author, Japanese or otherwise, use the word not used in my city! He must have visited the other places…


Consumatum est

October 13, 2007

It’s finished. My semester is finished.
I had been ambivalent as the deadline for a final reaction paper approached. I was happy that I would finally be able to reap the rewards of my labor but at the same time unsure of what I would do after the school season ends. The detailed schedule that was my life for this semester would be replaced by something I do not know.
I do not know what to do next semester. Should I take up extra Biology units or should I work? If I work, what kind of work would it be? I know it definitely would not be a call center job. I have had enough of that stuff. And that work wouldn’t be long term. It would just fill the void before I proceed to Medicine proper by next year.
Perhaps I’m the only student who isn’t rejoicing over weeks of no classes. Those weeks would only translate into a long boredom that I pray would not stretch until Medical school starts. Now this is one of the times that force me into evaluating my decision, the decision to leave the certain path of the Engineering career in exchange for the uncertain path of more years in the field of Medicine.
God has confirmed this decision lots of times, and it usually happens during these times of indecision. I no longer doubt if this path is right. I just want to see in this darkness before the light at the end of the tunnel signals another stage of this journey. I need light. I need guidance. I need to know what to do.
So I call on the God who is the Only Way to the Father to show me the way that I must take with truth in my life. I also pray that He give me the grace to follow wherever it may be…



October 12, 2007

The American government is now one step closer to recognizing one of the bloodiest events of human history: the Armenian genocide. In 1915, about 300,000 to 1.5 million Armenians died at the hands of the Turks for the sin of not being Turkish or Muslim in a Muslim nation. This happened before the Jewish Holocaust, and is a shadow of what would happen at that dark time.
To date, the Turkish government still refuses to recognize the genocide. They even revise history to accommodate their denial. Remember the reporter who recently died in Turkey? He was outspoken of the Armenian genocide, and was killed by a fanatic who was offended by the truth.
Critics of this recognition, which includes President Bush and Condoleeza Rice, did not want America to lose ground on what they see as strategic military ground in Turkey and tried to block it. Nevertheless, brave congressmen and congresswomen voted 27-21 to pass H. Res 106, recognizing the Armenian genocide.
This act, however, was not without repercussion. Turkey responded by pulling out its ambassador in the United States. America, may face the war on terror with one ally down. Yet why work with allies that hypocritically go public against the excesses of radical Islam, while at the same time guilty of perpetuating the same crime!
So I salute the brave people of the House Foreign Affairs Committee who voted to recognize the genocide. I know that bill still has a long way for formal recognition to take place, but in time I hope even Turkey would recognize its sin. And I urge everyone who has read this post to remember the past, and hope that the future would not spur out another Holocaust.
May we not forget…

PS For more info on the genocide, check out these sites: