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Where’s the Cheese?

January 12, 2008

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It’s now about two weeks from the end of the holiday season but there’s still no cheese around here.
I don’t know about the current status of other areas, but immediately after the holiday season there was no cheese from Davao to Iligan. Davao city did not have it. Cagayan de Oro did not have it. Iligan did not have it. Perhaps, even the towns did not have it. All this, however, is from the perspective of neighbors who had a vacation in Davao and returned after New Year’s Day.
What’s worse is that our cheese supply has just ran out. Now how am I supposed to cheesen up dips, bread, and other dishes!


Erap Pardoned

October 26, 2007

In a show of utter contempt for all things politically decent, Gloria pardons Erap.
I pity the prosecution lawyers. They spent 6 years of their lives for naught! The b–, I mean witch, magically turns all their work, sleepless nights, life threats, etc., to dust. If ever there was a thankless job, it would have been theirs.
And if I hadn’t been able to shut myself off from being affected that much, I would have strapped myself to a nuclear warhead and detonated it in at wherever Erap may be. Fortunately, I’ve come to grips with my anger, and most fortunately for everyone else I can’t find a nuclear warhead anywhere. I just hope that lucky bugger’s smile would actually tear his cheek muscles. Now if only that coward would graciously disappear, so I wouldn’t risk getting hypertension.
Now if that is how I feel about Erap, then I should logically feel something about the source of all this controversy. Yet, truth be told, I feel nothing about Gloria. Nothing as in the number of Y chromosomes true human females have. Perhaps its because I believe that she is capable of everything evil that I can no longer be surprised with her antics. As with most everyone else who still have a “sane” mind (I still have one, but its barely holding on…), I’m just waiting for the time that she will reap the rewards of her actions.
But what does all this have to do with the good citizen who gets well informed with political issues? I am of course sarcastically referring to myself, and my answer is that I do not know. I don’t even want to know more about the travesty that is happening in this country. I won’t be watching any news nor reading any papers until his angst or this situation cools down, whichever is sooner.
That cooling off period, however, would be a long time in coming. Pretty soon, I won’t even have the humor to categorize myself as a good citizen. Perhaps I’d even think about renouncing my citizenship altogether and exchange it for something British.* Nevertheless, my current situation makes this event as obtainable as a nuclear warhead.

*Good citizen doesn’t want American citizenship. Watching Michael Moore’s Sicko convinced him of the evils of America’s health care system.


Bad Trip

September 3, 2007

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It was the worst boat ride I’ve ever been in my entire life!
The ship stank of urine and stale cigarette smoke. Cockroaches roamed freely on the deck. The bunks gave a light oily sheen, reflecting weeks or even months of cleaning neglect. Bed sheets and pillows were a luxury they didn’t provide.
I swallowed whatever logged into my throat, and braced myself for a night in the Economy class. I could afford higher accomodations, but I wanted to try this one out. Besides, I wouldn’t feel the effect of Economy travel if I could sleep off the night.
I was wrong. What I thought of as a minor 3 hour delay stretched into a major 10 hours! Worse. I couldn’t sleep that night. I sorely missed beddings, pillows, and a blanket. I ranted to my cell phone, recording every word against that ship. It was not pretty. Combine insomnia and inconvenience, and you bring out the elitist bastard in me.
I normally have a high tolerance for inconvenience, but that trip just bled me dry of whatever patience I had in store. And what did my fellow passengers do? They kept it in stride, and slept the night away. I think I was the only one who at least showed some of my anger. I guess the other passengers knew what to expect when they ride Sulpicio Lines. (There. I said it.)
As for me, I’m never riding any Sulpicio Liner ever again as long as I have the power to choose the competition!