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NMAT Part 6 or “nmat review center in iligan city”

March 12, 2008

According to the records in my blog, someone was apparently looking for an NMAT review center in my city. I don’t think the review centers here offer such services. They seem to concentrate too much on the Nursing Boards. Besides, the market is not that big for a review center to cater to NMAT takers.
There were more or less 300 takers of the NMAT in Cagayan de Oro last December 2007. In all probability, most of them were from Cagayan de Oro considering that it is more prosperous than Iligan City. There were also takers from Bukidnon. They may not account for a high population, but I’m not sure about this since I only met a few of them. Takers from Iligan City and Marawi City would probably account for about half the number of takers; though Iligan is more prosperous, Marawi has quite a number of rich Muslim families. Conventional medicine tuition, btw, is hardly cheap hence, the attempted relationship finding between level of affluence and takers.
So ’nuff said about those details. What I’m trying to tell you my random blog visitor is that you won’t find review centers in Iligan City. They are just not feasible.

PS I can, btw, offer my services, which is why I made this post. THANK YOU.
Please feel free to contact me for details.


NMAT Part 5

February 4, 2008

WOOT! I got my NMAT score, and I have to ask you, my dear readers, to read the entire entry before I reveal the score.

I hurriedly went to the Med school around here to get my score.
The clerk welcomed me when I told her what I wanted. She told me to sit, and I promptly did while I hurriedly put on a mask of complacency and aloofness. Yet inside, I was bursting to boiling point, and I doubt I did a good job with the mask. I wanted to know my score to the exclusion of all else.
“I saw your score,” she said. “Do you still want to proceed to Medicine?”
“Yes,” I answered. The word bore the weight of much sacrifice and heavy experience.
I sensed that she was being coy about it. She was trying to scare me, and make me think that I got a low score. She was voicing out some of my doubts of the previous week, but I knew there was only one way to silence them. I had to know my score.
She asked me to stand beside her while she aligned a ruler just under my name. All the anxiousness and restlessness that I had felt centered on what she showed me. All the questions that pestered me since I took the exam coalesced in that single second:
Did I get a good score?
Did the other takers finish part I?*
Will the machine reject my paper?
Did I follow instructions regarding the registration details?
Is it possible that my answer sheet could have been lost?
And a whole lot more…
The figure she showed me was the representation of all the effort I made just so I could get to Med school. It was within the range of what I had expected considering that I had shotgunned more than 10 questions in the test. It was not what I had set to achieve, but it was the most beautiful number I ever saw.
I had committed the result to God even before I knew what it was. It belonged to Him, and is for His glory alone. All that I have and have done came from Him alone, and I gave Him back a portion of what he had bestowed upon me.
“You’re qualified for PGH,” the clerk said.
“Yeah,” I continued with a smile, “but I want to study here.”
So I asked their leave and left the building still bearing the smile. Knowledge of my score did not slow my pace, it only made it quicker. I hoped then that time would match my pace and make it June so that I could begin as a medical student.
Yet, I must as usual wait. Nevertheless, this waiting is different from the anxious waiting I had earlier. This time I could wait and rest. TO GOD ALONE BE THE GLORY.

*I did not finish Part I. :(.


NMAT Part 4

January 30, 2008

Congratulations to all who received their NMAT scores already. I really envy you, guys. I haven’t received mine yet, and if the reputation for the post office around here still holds then I’d have to wait at least a week before I get mine. It feels so sucky to be forced to wait for something this grand.
Yet, wait I must. I cannot do anything about it. I don’t know anyone working in the CEM. I don’t know if one of them could be “persuaded” to reveal my score. I don’t know if I even have enough “persuasive powers”.* And even if such a thing were possible, I cannot in all honesty pursue such a path. I want everything from my application of the NMAT to my receiving of the score to be honest and be free from guile.
So I am left with no choice but to leave everything to God, and in the meantime do everything required of me. I know my score would arrive at the right time. I just hope that I’d have the patience to wait for it…

*Take this with a grain of salt, please. I am not inclined to bribe anyone when I’m given the choice of waiting for the results. :P. Btw, I also hold the CEM in the highest regard. I don’t think anyone of them would stoop so low as to resort to bribery.