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Moving Out

January 30, 2009

For several weeks, I had been planning to move out of I just needed the means of paying my hosting site. I had saved some money. The only problem I had was how to give that said money to the site owners.
About last year, I applied for a Debit Card at the Trinoma branch of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). My schedule, however, did not allow me to receive that card. Back in Iligan, I pestered the local BPI branch for weeks to contact the Trinoma branch to send my card here. It was to no avail. I got disillusioned with BPI, and I promptly looked for another bank with a debit account.
Fortunately, I found that account with Unionbank. It took me about a month and P350, but the cost was worth it. As soon as the account was verified, I hurriedly deposited some cash. Then I had my future website domain name reserved online. It’s currently empty, but it will be up and running as soon as my schedule allows it.
Btw, my new blog would still be using WordPress. It would, however, be a type. I’m done with The purpose* for which stood has been fulfilled for several weeks now. It’s time for me to move to a new blog with a different purpose…

See me on soon.

*That is for a future post…


Community Floods

January 6, 2009

Rain had been pelting in Iligan for several days before last Saturday night. I usually don’t care about the weather as long as I am safe inside the house and tucked in for the night. I just hide under my blanket and pillows if it’s too cold, or have my electric fan running all night if it’s too hot. That night, however, I sensed a strange nudging that reminded me about the families assigned to my care in the Tambacan community. I then made a quick prayer, “Lord, protect my families in the community. In Jesus’ name. Amen,” then quickly retreated to sleep.
I only learned later the next day that a tragedy had occurred while I slept. The light rains in Iligan had heavy counterparts in the mountains. Water from these mountains fed rivers and streams, which poured down the city. It was about 3am in the morning when they overflew; and flooded the towns of Bayug, Manuang, and Tambacan.
About 7,840 families were displaced totaling to some 38,674 persons in Northern Mindanao. Cagayan de Oro bore the brunt in terms of property damage and persons affected.
Yesterday, a classmate mentioned that most of the families left their houses during the flash flood. Some of them slept on the highways as the evacuation centers had not yet been opened. Some of these families were also expecting aid from the ones who regularly went to them for “survey”*. A visit to the Barangay Captain** made the situation bleaker, he mentioned that our community was the hardest hit. So it was no wonder that I was prepared for the worst when I stepped inside the community.
Mud paved the dirt road to my families. Children scampered as they played. Well meaning folks told us to go the other way as the usual short cuts were too mushy for stepping. People stared at us as some of us ventured wearing clean, all-white apparel in an environment that stands as a stain reservoir. In short; except for the increased mud volume, the community was just as it was when we left it for the Christmas break. It seemed that the houses were already looking their normal selves, despite the fact that many of them had water reaching their residents’ shoulders 3 days ago.
I went to my families, and was relieved to find that their housing complex still stood strong. Despite the fact that their houses were just beside the river, they were among the few in the area were no water even managed to reach their doors.
They mentioned that the water level in the river rose to the height of the dyke, and was a few inches to their doors. Fortunately, the river stopped rising, and their houses were saved from flood damage.
The same, however, cannot be said for those living below the dyke level. A break*** in the dyke caused water to flow to what should have been protected areas.
As I returned to my classmate’s car, I thanked God for protecting my families. I also prayed that He continue to watch over the community as it seeks to rise from their recent ordeal. I could see that they are hardy enough to withstand future calamities. If only they were given the necessary boosts from the city and from landowners…

*That would be us, medical students.
** The barangay is the basic unit of the Philippine government. It is headed by the barangay captain.
***Residents blame the break on someone with the family name Lluch won’t allow the city government to build a dyke on the land. Either the city government is not offering enough compensation, or the landowner is asking for too much. Yet it is the people who suffer in such battles.

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Vacation Over

January 4, 2009

The Philippines boasts as having the country with the longest Christmas vacation. My holiday vacation started from Dec. 22 and it would end tomorrow: January 5. It goes to follow that today is the last day of that said vacation.
Since it would also be time for me to go out of the house more often, I would also be more exposed to the risk of bombings. So far, the terrorist plots have been repelled. I am praying that God would continue to protect our city from them.
At school tomorrow, I would be greeted by an exam. Btw, I only received more than half of the coverage in study materials just a few hours ago. Perhaps that exam would be postponed tomorrow. I’m hoping the Filipino habit for dispensing grace after the holiday season.
There might not be anything dramatic or extraordinary in this post. This is just my way of telling the world that I’m back from a very long vacation, which included not just rest from school but also rest from blogging*.
SEE YOU AROUND, GUYS! May 2009 be a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!

PS I haven’t written any New Year’s Resolution. I’ll be facing the new year as it goes.

*If not for the Pangandaman incident, I would have had a proper rest from blogging…


Lanao del Sur Mayor Beats 56-year-old Man Son

December 29, 2008

Just read this, and thought I should share:

At around 1:30 PM today, at Valley Golf and Country Club, Antipolo City, Mayor Nasser Pangandaman, Jr., Mayor of Masiu City, Lanao del Sur, his father, Secretary Nasser Pangandaman of the Department of Agrarian Reform, and company, beat my defenseless 56-year-old dad and my 14-year-old brother to a pulp because of some stupid misunderstanding on the golf course.

To view the complete article, visit this site. Read and be angry. Be very angry…
Btw, this Secretary Nasser Pangandaman is a member of the government PEACE negotiating panel to the MILF. This just goes to show that the word PEACE has become meaningless to politicians such as these.


Firecrackers Banned

December 22, 2008

By order of the City Council; firecrackers, fireworks, and anything else that can be mistaken for gunshots or bombs are banned during this holiday season.
I do not know what the penalty for possession or use of these illegal materials, but I’m hoping it would be big. In this way, the citizens of Iligan should understand that this is only for their safety. The authorities would have a better chance of nabbing the terrorists, plus Iliganons would be spared from the usual holiday firecracker accidents.
Nevertheless, this order may not have been decimated to the whole population yet considering some of our neighbors just had a bang time. Either that, or these neighbors are of the disobedient sort.
I’m hoping there would be no untoward incidents come Christmas time. May Iligan have a Silent Night on the Holy Night…


Yet Another Bomb

December 21, 2008

Another bomb was found earlier today at the corner of Burgos St. with San Miguel Street at about 10:00am earlier today. Iliganons have scavengers to thank for this recent unfolding of events. Let us also thank God for foiling the plans of the terrorists. May He continue to protect us as we remember the birth of His Son, Jesus, during this Christmas season.

1. Cops defuse bomb found in Iligan


Blasting Reality (Iligan Bombed Again)

December 18, 2008

I did not hear anything about a bomb threat. I, however, was almost a victim of an actual bomb.
Had my companions and I decided to go to the College a little later, we would have been victims of the recent bombing in Iligan City. All excitement for the upcoming events in the College melted away as we heard the story. Two were already confirmed dead. An unconfirmed number were wounded.
We heard the bodies were placed in the hospital just at the back of the College, and we decided to have a look at them. A crowd had already gathered around the place when we came. The scene would have just looked like an ordinary gathering except for a scream that effectively revealed to us the reality of the event.
The scream was shrill and full of emotion. Its quality was definitely not as striking as the remastered screams commonly found in movies, but unlike the canned screams of cinema this scream did not sound like an empty release of emotion, this scream sounded and felt real. I almost stopped in my tracks when I heard it.
The scream belonged to a woman, whom we later learned was the wife of one of the victims. Murmurs from the crowd revealed that she recently had a C-section from a recent pregnancy. I could see her hips were somewhat large. She still looked a little pregnant. She was also crying, refusing to be comforted, and occasionally screaming out denials that her husband was dead.
As I peeped through the open door, one body stared at me blankly. His eyes were fully opened, and his mouth was gaping wide in a snarl, revealing his teeth. His expression was clearly one of surprise, frozen in death.
One side of his scalp was charred black. One of his legs was missing, revealing a pink stump where his knee used to be. His chest was covered, but rumors say that a large part of it was blasted away.
Then I heard his wife scream.
Dili lagi na siya. Dili lagi na siya. Ang iyang sapatos kay blue man dili man black.
That’s not him. That’s not him. His shoes are blue, not black.
Her mother, or mother-in-law, with tears running freely down her face held her, trying to comfort her. Inconsiderate bystanders then said to her hearing.
Blue man na. Dili man black.
Those are blue shoes, not black.
We then left the scene with heavy hearts knowing that the tenacious peace that held for the past few months had just broken. The ghost of the Memorandum of Agreement for the Bangsamoro Juridical Entity has resurfaced. The cowardly rebels have struck again, and for the second time in this year, nobody is feeling safe once again…

PS Just heard from the news that the “wife” I mentioned in the post is not legally married to the victim. She is also still pregnant. It’s another lesson about the veracity of bystander rumors.