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CMOS what?!

February 22, 2008

Blue screen of death, everyone. Everyone, blue screen of death. Now you’re introduced.

A while ago, the blue screen of death suddenly popped out in my monitor. I was stunned for a second. It was not because I’ve never seen such a scene. In fact, our other computer frequently pops out that scene especially before its DDR card was replaced. It was because it was probably the first time it appeared in my PC.
Thinking that a simple restart would fix it, I just did that. The issue, however, was not that simple. My ROM drives went awry. They kept blinking, and when I clicked on one of the “open” buttons the tray pops out halfway before returning. I could think only of one cause: BIOS virus. I could also think of only one solution: clearing my CMOS.
Thankfully, I still had my motherboard manual. I knew how to reconfigure the jumper settings, but I didn’t in what situation to do it. Several questions came to my mind:

Do I need to remove the peripherals connecting to my motherboard?
Do I turn on the power while the jumper setting still commands CLEAR?
Was this Theme Hospital’s fault?
Did a trojan invade my PC?

Thankfully again, there was another PC in the house. I searched the Internet for instructions and dutifully applied them. To make the long story short, everything returned to normal. I am now blogging using my own PC.
This may seem to be a trivial thing to some, but this experience made me realize something. If this had happened 4 years ago, or even 2 years ago, I would have been on the verge of panic. I couldn’t have borne thinking that I need to buy a new PC. It’s something I couldn’t afford, and am shy to ask money for it from my parents.
This is the insight that struck me. It’s not that practice makes perfect, but what experiences we have, however inconsequential we may consider them to be, can prepare us for what may lay ahead in the future.

Btw, this is what my motherboard looks like. Now guess where I placed the CMOS jumper…