Moving Out

January 30, 2009

For several weeks, I had been planning to move out of WordPress.com. I just needed the means of paying my hosting site. I had saved some money. The only problem I had was how to give that said money to the site owners.
About last year, I applied for a Debit Card at the Trinoma branch of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). My schedule, however, did not allow me to receive that card. Back in Iligan, I pestered the local BPI branch for weeks to contact the Trinoma branch to send my card here. It was to no avail. I got disillusioned with BPI, and I promptly looked for another bank with a debit account.
Fortunately, I found that account with Unionbank. It took me about a month and P350, but the cost was worth it. As soon as the account was verified, I hurriedly deposited some cash. Then I had my future website domain name reserved online. It’s currently empty, but it will be up and running as soon as my schedule allows it.
Btw, my new blog would still be using WordPress. It would, however, be a WordPress.org type. I’m done with WordPress.com. The purpose* for which https://muragdoctor.wordpress.com stood has been fulfilled for several weeks now. It’s time for me to move to a new blog with a different purpose…

See me on http://www.muragdoctor.com soon.

*That is for a future post…


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