Blasting Reality Part 3 (Iligan Bombed Again Part 3)

December 19, 2008

Here’s an embedded video from Youtube. The footage shows the events happening a few minutes after first bomb went off. The second bomb can be heard in the video. The panic in the voice of the amateur videographer can be heard as she runs.

Check out the Youtube site to view the comments here.

It’s clear from these comments that many Christians are nearing their boiling points. The recent bombings and terrorist attacks done by Muslims are heating them up. They’re now tired of always bearing the losing end even though they are the majority. I’m afraid that soon the Christian population would take matters in their own hands, and take revenge on the innocents just as the MILF terrorists are doing right now. God fore fend us from religious war…
On the other hand, the MILF has washed its hands off the bombings. The hypocrites have even said they wanted to help in the investigation. Nobody around here, however, is believing them. DVD recordings of Commander Bravo show that he will disrupt the Christmas celebration because the military did not allow them to have a proper Ramadan.



  1. You people are lier have you got proof that the recent bombing in iligan was done by the milf. FYI, we are immune to that news no surprise to us giving lie news. There’s no way to believed on you we knew It was the dirty AFP who planted the bombed to retaliate or to kill more innocent muslems.

    • Judging from witnesses, the bomb planters were Maranaos. That’s why I said the terrorists are Muslim. I know that not all Muslims are terrorists. I know many who are good citizens. Yet it can’t be denied that those who planted the bombs were Muslims.
      Btw, there are still people who can distinguish the bad ones from the good ones. There are others who are not so discerning. Earlier today, a terrorist planted a bomb near Trendline. Lucky for him, he escaped. I wonder what the populace might have done had he been captured…

  2. You are the terrorist people and arrogant can you see many innocent muslems died but none of them show on tv or in the news simply because you people doing everything just to kill muslems and yet you arrogant people blaming muslems of planting the bomb. The muslem world peacfully living but the christians terrorist used to attacked the muslem all over the world.

    • I agree with you. Even though the MAJORITY of victims are Christians, there are innocent Muslim victims like the girl who is now in ICU in Sanitarium. Yet who can be blamed for that if not the terrorists. These terrorists try to kill even people who follow the same religion as theirs.

      Just they wait for the REDO! I’m sure the girl’s family already knows who planted the bomb in Unicity.

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