Stuff I Hate in Manila #4: Poverty

November 2, 2008

The poor are flooding Manila.
They flock to the city hoping for a better life than what they had in the provinces. Too often they are greeted by a harsher life in Manila. They cramp themselves in squatter settlements, risking life and health under squalor conditions. Very few of their children grow up to escape the cycle of poverty. They and many of their children fall prey to crime, or succumb to a life of crime. Thus the city is filled with drug traffickers, petty thieves, hold uppers, rapists, kidnappers, and two-headed-vampires.

Squatter Settlement near the Recto LRT2 Station.

Same Squatter Settlement, Different Angle.

The Very Same Squatter Settlement, which also doubles as an arsonist fantasy.



  1. Everyone hates poverty.

    And yes, Manila is poverty-stricken. I’d rather that people stay in the provinces and plant their own crops and eat from their own produce than venture into the city, live under bridges, and let their children loose begging for 5 peso coins in Pantranco jeepneys.

    That was one, long run-on sentence.

  2. I don’t think it’s up to us to decide for them that they would have been better off staying where they were. Yes, many from rural areas have made their way to the cities in hopes of a better life, and many found themselves still unable to escape the cycle of poverty. I think though, rather than simply questioning their moving, we should also think about the lack of adequate services that make it even more difficult to escape the cycle–proper health care, education, affordable housing, jobs, etc.

    If interested in issues regarding urban poverty in the Philippines, please visit my blog and join in on the conversation. šŸ™‚

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