Stuff I Hate in Manila #2: Distance

October 20, 2008

Metro Manila is huge!
Last Wednesday, I spent the better part of the day touring the Mall of Asia. To say it was huge is an understatement. It was humongous. It was gargantuan. It was immense.
Yet the Mall of Asia for all its size is but a small dot, a speck so to speak, in a 1X1 square foot map of Metro Manila. To consider the Mall of Asia as immense is to consider Metro Manila as fantastically enormous. And to think the places that I have to go into are very far from my brother’s house, where I am staying in the meantime.
It seems impossible that a human could have travelled through all its streets. Drivers may have done so, but I was referring to humans. 2-headed-vampires certainly don’t count.
All that distance makes timely travel impossible to be done on foot. Transportation in the form of jeeps, buses, and taxis are the main fare of those who don’t use cars. The sheer distance of the place obviously brings commuters at constant contact with abominable 2-headed-vampires: drivers and their conductors.
Thus do I hate the distance of everything else in Manila. It makes me face abominable 2-headed-vampires all the time.



  1. hello… I have posted this comment already in your previous blog about nmat review.. I re post it here, just making sure that u can read this..hehe.. i really need help.. thank you


    I’m planning to take the nmat exam this december… I’m into self study because I have no money to pay for review classes. Can you give me tips on what subjects or specific topics that I have to focus on reviewing? Like in Physics and chemistry… what types of questions are they giving? are those basic or I really have to review the complicated ones? Im from msu-iit and I really want to pursue medicine. We’re not rich so I have to get a higher score so that I can apply for scholarship. PLEAAASSSE HELPP…thank you.. kindly send it to my e-mail pls or just post it in your blog

  2. Just the basics. Don’t delve into the deeper subjects.
    I assume you have Chem 16 aka General Chemistry. You may have also taken General Biology and General Physics. Get your old notebooks and master those subjects. I’m sure you’ll get a high score if you just do so.

  3. Here’s a great map of Metro Manila, just in case someone needs it: http://manilaroadmap.com/

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