Locked Out

October 20, 2008

Since my responsible, dear little sister slept on her watch; I am forced to while away the night in the part of Pasay City bordering Makati City.
So my taxi fare was basically gone to waste*. I also had to look for a place to while away the night. Thus I began my search for a nearby motel, hotel, or inn. The hotel I found was out of the question. Besides being full, its cheapest room cost about P2800. There were certainly other more hospitable places.
I’m not picky. I could tolerate any room as long as it has a bed exclusively for my use as well as being free from roaches. I don’t even care if the people in neighboring rooms are doing something privately. As long as the sounds of the night are muffled, I would be able to sleep peacefuly.
Then I went to a night traffic enforcer. I asked him if he knew a place where I can check in. He told me abou a place called Victoria nearby. I asked him if he knew how much it cost. To this question, he did not just shrug. It wasn’t that obvious, but I sensed he was hiding what seemed to be a grimace. He clearly just didn’t know about the price. He also didn’t want anyone to think he knew what the price is.
Then I remembered that in my country “checking in” is taken to mean enjoying sensual delights inside a motel or hotel. Heck. It’s even thought that anybody who checks in at cheap motels in the middle of the night has decided to do just that.
Not being able to find Victoria, I decided to instead ask a servant boy if he knew a nearby hotel, motel, or inn; being careful that I did not mention “check in”. He suggested Anito. I asked him if he knew about the price. He said “no” and then gave me a look that clearly meant that there was no way for him to know about the price. Apparently, anyone who decides to check in in the middle of the night is suspected to be looking for some pleasures.
Nearby, a guard began to wake. He was still groggy when I asked him if he knew a nearby motel, hotel, or inn. To that question he instantly woke up. He still had bloodshot eyes, but they were fully alert. I told him I was locked out and that I needed a place to stay. He gave me a sheepish smile and told me there were “short time” establishments nearby. I could “check in” for an hour or so. Then he gave me that sheepish smile again.
I reminded him I just wanted a place to sleep. Then I hurriedly went to the Internet cafe he was guarding. I decided to wait the night out in the cafe. That guard was beginning to freak me out.

PS There are still 3 more hours till sunrise.

*To think the driver of that taxi was one of those vampire types (see previous post)!


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