A Time to Arm?

August 25, 2008

The prices of rice and oil are not the only “commodities” that have gone up around here. The prices of guns have also gone up!
Due to recent terrorist atrocities of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), many of the Christian population have decided to arm themselves. According to Mayor Cruz, armed Iliganons have said they do not want to continue “playing underdog“. Rebels will have a hard time doing an all out offensive in this city. It seems the citizens themselves will fight them, with or without military help.
Nevertheless, the rebels are pursuing non-confrontational strategies. Just recently, a grenade was seen in the city center. This incident, however, would not cow the Iliganons, this will just prove to them that they need to be more vigilant.
Iligan, however, is not the only city suffering from the law of supply and demand associated with guns. General Santos City seems to be having the same problem. Gun prices there have increased to more than 100%.
The Mindanao populace is tired of the same old government versus MILF game. For dozens of times in history, the military had the power to finally crush those rebels, but newer peace talks always prevented them from destroying them completely. Peace talks only gave the MILF time to regroup, and power to strike again at a later time. Should history repeat itself and the government fooled by another peace treaty, the government would find a different situation among the civilians. Many of them are already bearing arms. Many of them have also taken Vice Governor Piñol’s words to heart:
If the government cannot defend us, then WE WILL DEFEND OURSELVES.

1. Iligan folk seek St. Michael help, also bear arms
2. Grenade recovered from Iligan City’s business district
3. War ups gun prices, drains bullet stock in Mindanao
4. Gov’t-MILF clashes go on in Cotabato


  1. thats right,we should armed ourselves cso that we canfifight these bastards.calling all iliganons to fight and dsfend iligan.viva senyor san miguel and viva iliganon………

  2. viva senyor san miguel! to all peolple living Iligan city. let us buy guns to defend our families.let us n ot be cowed by the MILF.let us teach them a lesson that we too knows how to fight and use guns!I would like to emphasized that this is not a war against our muslims brothers but a war to the disturbance of peace!viva Iliganon viva Senyor San Miguel!

  3. How are things going? You’ve been in my thoughts!

  4. Everything has returned to near normal. The fighting has moved several miles away. We are, however, not yet that safe. Anything can still happen…

  5. We GENERALS of Gensan city will be armed too in the same manner the Iliganons wished due to history. “PEACE TALKS WOULD JUST MAKE THESE LAWLESS ELEMENTS DO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN” After the ramahdan, they might strike again. . . . . . LET PEACE BE THE MOST FAVORABLE CONDITION IN MINDANAO.

  6. Just checking on you, it’s been almost a month and with the way things were last time you posted I am praying that you are safe.

  7. Thanx. Everything’s back to normal. Exams and some activities have just been eating my time away from blogging. =)
    Thanx for the concern. =)

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