Bomb Threat

August 18, 2008

A recent text message has recently been circulating warning of another bombing. The gist of the message goes like this:

MILF are planning to bomb schools in Iligan. The first school to be bombed would be MSU-IIT.

In other news, A 71 year old man, a victim of the ongoing battle in Kolambugan has arrived in the Gregorio T. Lluch Memorial Hospital in Iligan. Both his ears have been chopped off and he has a stab wound on his back. He is still in critical condition.
Refugees have also reported that the dead lie on the highway. Among the dead is a visitor from Pagadian City who stayed there for the night and one named Aldrin Tan. Aldrin’s brother and father were victims of the 1970s Muslim insurgency. They were also gunned down by Muslim rebels.
MILF also confirmed that their forces are responsible for the current trouble in Lanao del Norte. Their leadership, however, denies that they gave the order for the attack.
The attack was in response of Iligan’s strong refusal against its inclusion in the Bangsamoro Juridical Entity. In response, Mayor Laurence Cruz gave this message:

Kung ito ang ginagawa nilang mensahe sa amin nagkakamali sila. Steadfast kami, dapat respetuhin ang tinig ng Iligan.
If this is the message they [MILF] want to show us, they are doing it wrong. We are steadfast [against the inclusion of Iligan to the Bangsamor Juridical Entity]. They should respect the voice of Iligan.

1. 2 Lanao Norte towns under attack by suspected MILF
2. MILF leadership washes hands off attacks



  1. Laban kuya! Ilabas ang bolo at Molotov! Hahaha… Seriously though… Hang in there… We’re concerned here. (We as in your friends, not the government WHO -BY THE WAY- SHOULD BE ACTING TO PROTECT YOU GUYS!!! … oh for crying out loud!)

  2. Thanx poy!
    Bolo and Molotovs? Nahh. We won’t descend to their level. Government issue M16s, night vision goggles, and army knives should do the trick. =p
    Btw, the government has been acting quite favorably now. We’re just hoping here that they follow through with the war, and stop doing peace talks like they did last time. Otherwise, the rebels would have time and money again to regroup, and a repeat of this incident might happen in the near future.

  3. […] doctor-blogger preMEDitated about text messages (bearing rumors and from officials) in Iligan. The Stylus Master, originally […]

  4. […] doctor-blogger preMEDitated about text messages (bearing rumors and from officials) in Iligan. The Stylus Master, originally […]

  5. attention all readers:aldren tan his fate is still alive and dreams would be trought in lapayan,once the seed fall unto the ground it will become a tree and bear more fruits.

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