August 17, 2008

Last I heard, 4 bombs have just exploded in Iligan.
The first one blew up this afternoon on 5:45 pm. It was followed by 3 more as of 8pm. People here, however, are not that surprised. Text messages warning Muslims from visiting certain places had been circulating since about 2 weeks ago. Somehow these messages leaked to the Christian population, and that’s how most of the population had foreknowledge of this event.
Rumor has it also that the plan was to blow up 7 bombs. I don’t know if the supposed 3 other bombs have already blown up, considering that the radio stations have all signed off for the night, and that most of the local channels of our Cable provider have mysteriously gone on static mode. One bomb might have ended up blowing off part of the Cable company’s equipment, but this would be made clear tomorrow when the radio stations would be broadcasting again if their equipment would not be blown off during the night.
The text messages clearly pointed to the MUJAHEDIN as the perpetrators of the bombings. These messages blamed Mayor Cruz for the words that he said after he learned that 82% of the city would have been given to the rebels according to the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the formation of the Bangsamoro Juridical Entity (BJE).
Just this day, I’ve also learned that the MILF rebels have even dared to accuse the mayor of paying the citizens of Iligan (Iliganons) to protest against the MOA that was to have been signed in Malaysia. Our mayor forcefully and responsibly denied this allegation during his interview with the ANC. In doing so, he defended the integrity of the city against the libelous rebels.
I think the rebels planted these bombs in retaliation for the city’s rejection of the supposed peace treaty between Christian and Muslim, but which is now becoming a rally point for war. Btw, the other majority Christian areas Zamboanga City and North Cotaboto affected by the MOA also had their share of bombs. Fortunately for them they had their bombs successfully defused.
Nevertheless, I fear more will be coming, not only for Mindanao but also for faraway Manila considering that Muslim rebels have bombed Manila in the past for less grave concerns. Yet strangely, the government is still hell bent to continue the “peace” process despite the fact that the rebels clearly are not honoring their side of the bargain.
There is only one recourse for this situation. These rebels should be wiped out cleanly from this side of the world. They have just made the first move. Let the government, if it really is serving the welfare of its loyal citizens, retaliate. Let the government strike hard, harder than what Russia did to Georgia. Cripple them so they may no longer have the power to fight back! Show them what justice is. Extend justice in the name of the citizens that you serve for the rebels’ kidnappings, murders, rapes, and theft. Show them that their actions have corresponding consequences.
Peace in Mindanao cannot come from peace treaties. Retribution is the only way. Justice is the true path to peace not only in Mindanao but also the world.

PS I just received another text message. It says that the rebels have descended near the city. Please pray for us. War is coming…

PPS Official reports say there were only two bombs which blew up. Fortunately, the suspect was one of the victims of the blasts. Serves him right…

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