A Little Relief

August 4, 2008

So the Supreme Court issued a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against the supposed signing of the government vs. MILF rebel Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that would give legitimacy to a new state called the Bangsamoro Juridical Entity (BJE). Strangely, the MILF website apparently knew of the decision beforehand because it suddenly showed that the signing would occur on August 25 instead of August 5 before the announcement earlier today. A mole in the Supreme Court perhaps?
Btw, I didn’t join the rally earlier today, but I did wear a red armband in protest of the deal. I, however, saw the rallyists. They did not just number only the run of the mill masses commonly seen in other anti-government rallies; they also had professionals, students, and businessmen with them. Passionate words condemning the MOA and prayers for peace, clarity, wisdom, and the bunking of the MOA rose from a people betrayed by their President.
They and also I breathed a sigh of relief today. The Supreme Court granted North Cotabato’s petition to issue a TRO on the signing. This, however, did not prevent the negotiators to fly to Malaysia not to sign the agreement but to while away and enjoy the luxuries that only “benevolent and selfless peacekeepers without any vested interest for the protection of Sabah against the rightful Philippine claim” could give.
Nevertheless, the fight for our continued independence is not yet over. We were just granted a postponement, not a debunking of the controversial MOA. We are just hoping that the President will listen to our cries and scrap the MOA. We also want to see what is actually written in the document that would have been signed tomorrow.
We don’t want to hear the damned “executive privilege” excuse again. We want the truth! We want to know for what price we would have been sold in exchange for an expected peace, but will in reality be another grim episode in the history of Christian-Muslim relations…


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