In White

June 28, 2008

White is in, and it has been a long time since it has been in, but I’ve just recently got in on the craze.
I am now one of the hundreds of thousands of Filipinos who wear all white on schooldays. We are the caregiver students, student nurses, and medical students.
Ordinarily, I hate wearing white. I don’t like wearing something that easily gets dirty. In fact, I don’t recall every buying white shirts except undershirts and org shirts. Truth be told, I had misgivings on the afterlife dress code. The prospect of wearing white for eternity just doesn’t appeal to me. I prefer wearing non-white clothes before that Day arrives.
Yet here I stand, wearing all white. My clothes are so white they reflect some of the ultraviolet spectrum, giving them a bluish tinge when shone on by the sun. They look so pure and immaculate that I had to change my habits overnight. Such is the nature of the all-white uniform that one stain could ruin the entire get-up. I can no longer rest on posts, sit on the floor, sit on dusty and dirty chairs, or walk carelessly near suspicious objects.
Wearing white, however, gave me an insight on the nature of the afterlife dress code I mentioned earlier. Whereas I’ll have to wash the blood off my uniform should they get stained in patient’s blood, the Blood of the Lamb washes off all the stains of my white robes. Whereas I’ll have to work hard to keep my uniform clean and white, my white robes symbolize that I am already clean and pure not by my own work but by the work of the One who died and rose again.

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  1. Hey, I like that last part. Great insights.

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