Last Day of Freedom

June 6, 2008

Today is Friday, my last day of freedom.
Classes would be starting next week on Monday, which means that after about 2 years since UP, I’ll finally be a “full-fledged” student again. I’m not counting Saturday and Sunday as my last days of freedom because students are usuall free during those days. I’m also not counting my previous class experiences as being “full-fledged” student work. Those classes did not confirm me a degree. I just took them for the extra units I needed to proceed to med school.
Soon I’d be wearing a uniform again, which will be my first since high school! I did not wear any uniform during my Engineering stint, and neither did I wear one after my college graduation. In short, it’s been a long time since I last wore a school uniform. I’ll just leave the math to the smart ones reading this post.
Come classes, I would be under the mercy of schedules. My days would be spent listening to lectures and discussing lessons with classmates. Most of myy nights would be used for studying and sleeping. In short, I would no longer be the master of my day. I would lose my freedom after today ends.
Yet I didn’t feel anything different from my usual mood when I realized that today is my last day of freedom. Today seems to be just any ordinary day, the same as all the days that I was waiting to get into med school. I know I’ll be hyping up as Monday draws near. I just don’t feel as hyped yet.
Today feels so normal, even though I know it is my last day of freedom.


  1. you have classes on Monday?
    Isn’t it a holiday or something?

  2. It was not really a “class” day. It was just an orientation.

  3. I’m so excited for you J*! As for me,there are times when I want to fastforward the years to graduation. Most of our friends here are already working. Oh well, I guess two more years isn’t as long as it seems. 😀

  4. Keep up the good work, Ralph! I know you can beat 2 more years of law school…

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