May 31, 2008

After receiving my enrollment documents, I went inside a room to have them filled out.
A throng had already gathered around a table when I arrived. The room was loud with the sounds of new acquaintances making small talk and old friends having a small reunion. Almost everyone in the room was unknown to me, and I hoped that I was also unknown to them. I didn’t want to explain why I proceeded to enter the Medical field considering that I already graduated from an Engineering course. I made my way to an empty seat which was sitting coincidentally next to someone I already knew.
Oi G*, musta man? I said to him. Unsay buhaton diri?
Hey G*, wazzup? What do we do here?
I-fill-up nato ni**, he answered as he pointed to his documents.
We fill up these.
Then he started to introduce me to his friends.
Si C* ni, he continued as he pointed to them, si G*.
This is C*. This is G*.
I nodded in greeting as he introduced me to them.
Si J*, he said. Gikan ni siya sa UP. Engineering ni iyang course.
This is J*. He’s from UP. He took up Engineering there.
My whole world seemed to stop as my mind formed damage control measures. I knew my background would eventually be discovered by most of my future classmates, but I didn’t want it to be discovered that soon. First day of school hasn’t even come; we were still on our enrollment day.
I hurriedly put a finger on my lips and lightly whispered, Ayaw’g saba G*. Mahibal-an nila.
Don’t mention that, G*. They’d know…
Ai, nahibal-an na namo, someone sitting beside me said.
Oh. Now we know.
I turned to the speaker and saw a girl. I looked around the table and saw eyes staring at our general direction. Some were surreptitious, others were more blatant. Apparently, our conversation was not that private.
Lagi, I said with lowered eyes as I turned my head from side to side in the ritual form of disagreement.
I didn’t want that information publicized.
I didn’t want to answer several more inquiries about UP and Engineering and medicine. Yet I did, and I gained a few friends from it as I also asked them about their backgrounds.
Afterwards, I helped G* and C* find a place near the college. We were tired from the walk, and we decided to rest. Just then an older student, whom I knew, arrived.
Hi J*, she said. Nakitan nako imong blog.
Hi J. I saw your blog.
Oh, I answered. Gi unsa nimog discover?
Oh? How did you discover it?
Nag search lang ko, she said. Tapos nakoy nabasahan na murag ikaw man gyud. Tapos naay ga-comment with j*. Didto ko naka sure.
I found it by searching. Then I saw something that sounded like it belonged to you. Then someone commented with j*. That was when I became sure it was yours.
Yikes, I said.
C* then asked, Unsa imong blog?
What’s your blog?
I answered him only with a laugh. I wanted to keep whatever anonymity I still had.

**Filipinos don’t fill out forms. They fill up forms.



  1. From anonymous to un-anonymous. Next, from un-anonymous to famous! Hahaha. Go J*! (Ooops, did I just mention your real name?)

  2. Yeah, and it just got censored. 😛
    Being famous is far from my list of what-to-dos. HAHA.
    Btw, may I know the name of this soon-to-be-famous anonymous commenter?

  3. From buildings and machines to human anatomy! Wow! What a great leap!

    We’ll survive med school..

  4. Yet somehow, medicine can become an extension of engineering. Design and system analysis plus structures can all be seen in the human body.
    Yeah! We’ll survive it!

  5. engineer-doctor. pwede! 😛 i had two classmates who took up theology AND entered med school AND they were koreans if i may add. sadly, they’re now back in korea. the language barrier was their biggest problem. 🙂 goodluck!

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