NAIA Blunder

April 3, 2008

What a blunder!
How incompetent can staff from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) get! First, they discriminate against Filipinos queuing up upon arrival. Luli, the Philippine President’s daughter noticed this and complained to one of them. She got shouted at in return. That incident, btw, is the second reason. Third, they let in unauthorized personnel to “protect” Lozada.
Recently, another blunder has happened in the ground of that infamous airport, Continental Micronesia Airlines wanted to pat down Tommy Remengesau, Jr., the PRESIDENT OF PALAU before his scheduled departure for Palau!* His Excellency, of course, refused. His flight left without him and his entourage.
I am personally embarrassed and ashamed of this blunder which happened on Philippine soil. I ask the President of Palau and all citizens of Palau to forgive us of this fault. I know you are deeply offended by this, and I hope to reassure you that this would not happen again. Nevertheless, I am just a blogger with no connections to the said airport. Yet, I am sure my country is doing its best to keep the relationship between our two countries vibrant. Please forgive us…

*Samhain13 pointed out that it was not the airport’s fault.
News posts such as this one, presented the airport staff in a bad light. For a more detailed and balanced report on the event, please click on this link. Unfortunately, I fell into the trap of the first post’s journalism. In turn, I also blamed the airport staff for something they did not do. This mistake, however, still does not excuse them from the three other faults mentioned.


  1. […] preMEDitated is embarrassed and ashamed over the decision of an airline to frisk the Palau President in a Philippine airport Share […]

  2. I believe the the fault is with the airline and not necessarily with the airport authority. Although, if the reports in the local papers are accurate, the airline had a Filipino representative. But yeah, it’s embarrassing indeed.

  3. Thanx for pointing that out. Btw, I just “fixed” this post. Hopefully, all the details now line up with what really happened.

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