Fitna (A Review)

March 30, 2008

While watching Fitna, my first thought was, “I could make such a film.” It was so simple. I would use Movie Maker, Ulead Video Editor, Photoshop, a sound editor, and some Youtube clips; and I could even make a better one.
Nevertheless, after watching it, I thought, “I could never make such a film.” I do not want to lose all freedom in the name of protection and be under the same maximum security as Geert Wilders, author of this controversial film, is under! I also would have to watch clips of actual beheadings, suicide bombings, honor killings, and executions. I don’t have the stomach for such violence. In fact, I think it is easier for the world to forget 9/11, the London train bombings, and the violence that was sparked by the Norwegian cartoons of Mohammad, than to do something about it. Geert Wilders, author of this controversial movie, is one brave man in airing what he believes to be a solution to the crisis brought about by radical Islam.
Although I do not agree with Geert’s proposition to ban the Koran as a prescription to end terrorism, I still support his decision in airing his beliefs. I believe that one’s freedom of speech is a basic human right, and its practice should not capitulate to opinions opposed to it. Those who support the Koran and those who do not support it have the same rights, and none should kill the other for not agreeing with another.
And so I appeal to everyone who has watched, will watch, is watching, and who is never watching the movie, to take the movie with a grain of salt.
To those who agree with it: please do not further incite violence. Innocent lives are at stake.
To those are offended by it: please do not commit violence. Prove that you follow the way of peace as you claim. By doing exactly what Geert is accusing you of, proves to the world that he is right in his opinion of you.


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