March 10, 2008

I’m back.
I’m really sorry for keeping you, my readers, in the dark for quite a long time. I just realized that bloggers have a responsibility to update their blogs regularly. Not only that, they also need to inform their readers on the reasons why they could not do so.Forgive me for not updating.
I had been busy with making a video presentation for my Parasitology class. I’ll post it on Youtube soon, but not now. My computer is connected to the Internet via WiFi, and the signal in my room is not that strong enough to upload the video before a RUNTIME ERROR message appears.
Now this is how my desktop currently looks like:

I’ll be deleting the clutter soon. That photo above would be the only thing left as a reminder of how it used to look like. Just right click on the image, then click View Image to see its full size. Btw, that instruction was for Firefox users. Please discover for yourselves how to do it in other browsers…


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