NMAT Part 4

January 30, 2008

Congratulations to all who received their NMAT scores already. I really envy you, guys. I haven’t received mine yet, and if the reputation for the post office around here still holds then I’d have to wait at least a week before I get mine. It feels so sucky to be forced to wait for something this grand.
Yet, wait I must. I cannot do anything about it. I don’t know anyone working in the CEM. I don’t know if one of them could be “persuaded” to reveal my score. I don’t know if I even have enough “persuasive powers”.* And even if such a thing were possible, I cannot in all honesty pursue such a path. I want everything from my application of the NMAT to my receiving of the score to be honest and be free from guile.
So I am left with no choice but to leave everything to God, and in the meantime do everything required of me. I know my score would arrive at the right time. I just hope that I’d have the patience to wait for it…

*Take this with a grain of salt, please. I am not inclined to bribe anyone when I’m given the choice of waiting for the results. :P. Btw, I also hold the CEM in the highest regard. I don’t think anyone of them would stoop so low as to resort to bribery.


  1. Hi John. I’ll be taking the NMAT this December but the pressure is getting on me already. I would just like to ask stuff about NMAT. Not the questions but other stuff. Hoping for your reply, and congratulations!

  2. Hi ky,
    You’ve still got a long way ahead of you.
    I would suggest you master your General Science courses. Just make sure that if you get quizzed in Chemistry, Physics, or Biology you’d get a high score. Your old notes, if you still have them, would prove handy in this, but you could always download General courses in the Internet. That’s what I did with the Social Sciences section.
    The Aptitude section, however, is a different matter. It’s either you have it or you don’t have it. Just practice the sample exam you get from applying to the NMAT, and you’d be familiar with what goes out in the exam. Btw, in questions regarding series, it’s good if you what type of thinker you are.
    I’m more of a numbers guy, and this really reflected during the exam. I had a hard time figuring out questions about letters. I had to convert them to numbers in my head, then write them on the paper, try to figure out what the next number is, then mentally try to determine what letter it corresponded. It’s a very tedious process, and very prone to error. I suggest you don’t do what I did.
    It wasn’t until the end of the exam that I discovered a better method. A former classmate said she wrote the alphabet with their corresponding numerical orders, and from there she worked on the solution. But what’s done is done… Let’s just say that I would have had a better score if I had only thought about this method.
    And when you take the exam, always remember that TIME is your enemy. BEAT it, but make sure your answers are as accurate as possible.

    PS Usually, there are two very similar choices offered for Math questions. Choose 1 of them quickly if you don’t want to solve tedious equations. This increases the probability of getting the right answer to 50% as opposed to 25% if done by pure guessing.
    Hope this helps…

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