Where’s the Cheese?

January 12, 2008

Image take from: http://cheese-burger.net

It’s now about two weeks from the end of the holiday season but there’s still no cheese around here.
I don’t know about the current status of other areas, but immediately after the holiday season there was no cheese from Davao to Iligan. Davao city did not have it. Cagayan de Oro did not have it. Iligan did not have it. Perhaps, even the towns did not have it. All this, however, is from the perspective of neighbors who had a vacation in Davao and returned after New Year’s Day.
What’s worse is that our cheese supply has just ran out. Now how am I supposed to cheesen up dips, bread, and other dishes!



  1. you can always buy Cheeze Whiz?

  2. That wouldn’t be the real thing. =p

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