The Last Unicorn (A Review)

January 8, 2008

Now this movie is so classic for me that I had remembered only scenes and no dialog from the last time I watched it. To have even watched it is quite a feat considering that I live in the Philippines, where most people wouldn’t have even heard of this movie! I owe this to my mother who, way back in time, indiscriminately rented cartoons for our viewing pleasure.
After watching it again, the best phrase I could come up with to describe it would be “I now understand”. I now understand why she even bothered looking for the other unicorns. I now understand why the other unicorns disappeared. And more importantly, I now understand the story.
The story was straightforward. Twists and turns were notably lacking. Mysteries were unceremoniously laid bare and explained. Everything in the plot proceeded in a no-nonsense manner to the final conclusion.
Overall, watching the movie was a nice trip down memory lane. The experience, however, was not enough to warrant it a second go. In fact, it was another demystifying experience. Why do classic cartoons seem so much better remembered than watched again?


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