High Time

December 30, 2007

Ordinary politics talk is depressing, but nothing beats depression from talking about Philippine politics.
Most of the time, such talk will be about what ifs and what should have beens. If only Marcos hadn’t become corrupt. If only we sent our children to the United States thirty years ago, then we should have been as advanced as South Korea and Japan. If only Erap hadn’t become president, then Ramos’ economic reforms would have continued. If only Gloria didn’t run for her second term, then she would have left with a good name and not be known the worst president ever. If only our politicians are not corrupt, then we would actually see progress. If only more jobs were available and the wages were higher, then Filipinos wouldn’t be tempted to search for greener pastures abroad.
The list goes on, and it gets more depressing as line by line is added. Many of the population believe that the government is almost beyond hope. Some sectors go so far as to adhere to the extreme ideology that a violent revolution must be made for the Philippine government to be reformed. These sectors can be commended for their idealism if not their methods. The same, however, can not be said for the majority of Filipinos. They still submit to the government, but they have ceased to be affected by everyday situations. They have closed their eyes on corruption and all the rot that it brings.
Nevertheless, this lethargy can become a blessing in disguise. It is high time we stopped waiting for the government to help us. It cannot even help itself, how much more would it help the people. Let us stop waiting for miracles. The government in its current situation will never be able to grant us the progress we are hoping for. Let us instead become the miracle that would transform our country.
It is time that we go beyond the cheesy cliches about not littering, not jaywalking, and not cheating on income taxes. These practices are relevant but they are just not enough. Something beyond self improvement is needed. It would have to be radical, and it would have to be something that would change other individuals, families, communities, the country, and even the world.
It could be a scholarship program or honest job provisions. It could also be about returning to the country and helping those who are in need. Everyone who is able can help in his or her own way. It’s high time we stop complaining about our situation. It’s high time we stop looking at the government and other countries for hope. Let us instead work for the change we want to see. Let us become the hope the country desperately needs.


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