The Princess and the Goblin (A Review)

December 19, 2007

Princess Goblin
Some shows are best left to memory, and one such show would be The Princess and the Goblin.
The film was released on 1993, and I used to love it. It was based on a book written by George Macdonald. It had a haunting theme song that was beautiful in a nostalgic way. A decade and a half have passed, but the song was retained in my memories. Snatches of its melody, and its mangled lyrics (which is to be expected for those young ones who use English as their second language) continually appeared on my mind.
Nevertheless, watching the show again felt like cold water after a swoon. I couldn’t understand why I even liked it in the first place! The show lacked background sound. Its animation was ghastly. Its message even veered away from the message in the book it was based on.
Furthermore, the characters were drawn awfully. Kurdie, the boy protagonist, had a head that was too big for his thin body. His father sported wrinkles, making him look way older than the Princess Irene’s great, great grandmother. Irene’s father, the king, had armor that showed an exaggerated reflection of sunlight, which looked impossible since it came from a dull looking grey. Plus, all of them barely had facial expressions. Their eyes were so wide and expressionless that I felt like I had to blink for them.
Now I know what a mistake it was to watch that show again. The nostalgia I felt for it was infinitely better than the real thing. I should have left the movie only as a memory. In that way it would have stayed beautiful forever.


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