NMAT Part 3

December 10, 2007

NMAT’s over.
And no, I won’t be writing any more emo posts. I would also not post any questions from the exam per contract between the Center for Education Management and the examinee (Ahem). They, however, have nothing against saying what the test was like.
IMO, Part I should have been scheduled to be finished under a longer time limit. Every examinee I talked with fully agreed with me on this one. It was the first time in my entire life that I did not finish a section of a time limited exam. I had to randomly guess the answers of several numbers since there was no longer any time to read them all.
Part II was a breeze. Biology was easy. Social Science was easy. Physics and Chemistry were easy. If it was permitted to return to Part I, I would have had time to more confidently answer them. Plus I would still have a few minutes to catch up on my sleep debt from last night.
I do hope I can still get the coveted 99+ percentile*, but those sections that I missed would certainly affect the result. But whatever my result will be, I will still surrender it to God. I did my best. I leave the rest to Him.

*No harm in hoping. Besides, having high standards is a good motivator for excellence.



  1. Gud Pm. Im Anne. I missed NMAT this december. I have questions sana. Uhm.. If ur not busy can u text me? Pls? I need Help bout it. 09153103842 Tnx.

  2. Yo K. I’ll reply as soon as I have a decent load balance. hehe.

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