Oh! It’s Coup Again

November 30, 2007

In a startling display of bravado, Senator Trillanes stages a coup again, and as with all half baked ideas and unplanned events* it ended in total failure. Someone should have told him this, “You do not wage a war to prove a point. You wage a war to win. Your point will be falsified when you lose. So strive to win. Win. Win.”
His methods were plain manipulative. He expected the people to rally behind his talk against the administration, but they didn’t come. It was Oakwood mutiny all over again. He staged it in another hotel, the Manila Peninsula. It even ended up with the same results; nobody rallied behind him. To his credit, he did have the balls to own his actions, not like the coward below:

Trillanes’s timing was way off the mark. The masses did not have time to think about politics when they had just withstood three heavy storms. Besides, who would support someone who was not heard of for months? He should have worked for that much needed publicity before he made that drastic move.
And to think he had the nerve to blame the people who voted him Senator for his failure! You voted me here. I thought you supported me. Where are you now?
The answer is quite simple. The people who voted for him are busy wagging their heads in disappointment. They made him Senator because they believed in him. They gave him a chance to change the government from within, through legal means. And he threw all that away when he reverted to his past actions!
Only time will tell what the consequences of his actions will be.

*This statement is debatable. A website designed for an unplanned coup should never have appeared instantly and with complete detail. Btw, there is also this site that warned people to stay away from Makati yesterday claiming as his source Greek hackers who intercepted classified emails.


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