Friendly Advices

November 2, 2007

With all my forms ready, I was heading to the medical school here to pass my application for the NMAT. On an advice from a medicine student friend, I slipped into the short cut where an unfriendly sign told unauthorized persons that they were not allowed inside.
I was greeted by an empty room where the school staff worked, and a handyman. The handyman looked friendly and I asked him the obvious, “Closed ba?Is it closed?
O. Holiday mi Nov. 1,2. Balik lang sa Monday,” he replied with what sounded like a Maranao accent.
Yes. We are on holiday on November 1 and 2. Just come back on Monday.
Magpass man unta gud ko ug NMAT,” I told him. “Sembreak man di ay pud sila.”
I was supposed to pass my NMAT application. Turns out they are also on sem break.
And the funny thing about that conversation was that it turned funny. We both laughed at my remark. Then he advised me to return on Monday. I made my leave and left via the same shortcut with perhaps one friend richer. I think I’d need all the friends I could have once medicine school proper starts.

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