Consumatum est

October 13, 2007

It’s finished. My semester is finished.
I had been ambivalent as the deadline for a final reaction paper approached. I was happy that I would finally be able to reap the rewards of my labor but at the same time unsure of what I would do after the school season ends. The detailed schedule that was my life for this semester would be replaced by something I do not know.
I do not know what to do next semester. Should I take up extra Biology units or should I work? If I work, what kind of work would it be? I know it definitely would not be a call center job. I have had enough of that stuff. And that work wouldn’t be long term. It would just fill the void before I proceed to Medicine proper by next year.
Perhaps I’m the only student who isn’t rejoicing over weeks of no classes. Those weeks would only translate into a long boredom that I pray would not stretch until Medical school starts. Now this is one of the times that force me into evaluating my decision, the decision to leave the certain path of the Engineering career in exchange for the uncertain path of more years in the field of Medicine.
God has confirmed this decision lots of times, and it usually happens during these times of indecision. I no longer doubt if this path is right. I just want to see in this darkness before the light at the end of the tunnel signals another stage of this journey. I need light. I need guidance. I need to know what to do.
So I call on the God who is the Only Way to the Father to show me the way that I must take with truth in my life. I also pray that He give me the grace to follow wherever it may be…


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