Robert Jordan Dies

September 17, 2007

Robert Jordan
Robert Jordan, author of the Wheel of Time saga has died, and I am grieving.
It’s not because of the still unfinished book. Nothing has gotten my blood boiling these few hours more than the realization that there are people who “feel sad” with his death because he didn’t give them the book they’ve been craving for ages!
And I think it’s not because of the story. I could barely recall most of the details of the books. In fact, I don’t even know where one book ends and one begins. The boundaries are blurred to me.
It could be the company. I’ve met all kinds of people because of Robert Jordan. I’ve done a whole lot of things that I wouldn’t otherwise have done without his influence*. I wouldn’t have entered into the Geekdom without him. I would have been alone, not knowing what to do with the treasury of knowledge that the mundane masses wouldn’t be able to relate to.
Thankfully, I met others like me through his influence. There’s nothing like meeting people who have read almost the same types of books you have read. It’s like a homecoming party, except that you didn’t know that you were ever lost. It’s a sense of belonging arising from shared experiences witnessed in pages of text and imagination. It just makes one proud of knowledge that others refuse to acquire even though it’s open for all.
I owe all this and more to Robert Jordan aka James Oliver Rigney, Jr. I may have never met him, but I knew a part of him through the words he weaved in his books. They say the concluding book will be published. I am ambivalent to whatever may happen. I grieve every time I remember him. I don’t even know if I can touch that last book.
It’s just that as with the rest of WOTdom, I still grieve for the passing of Robert Jordan.

*Princes of Florence, anyone? Saw me on National TV (Studio 23 Breakfast)? Have a Manila Bulletin pic? Want a Starbucks Frappe or a Seattle’s Best Coffee Javakoola? Hit on oosqai aka Lalabu?


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