Guilty and Not Guilty

September 12, 2007

Erap Guilty
How could the former President Erap be acquitted of perjury and still be convicted of plunder? I think his alleged perjury was an instrument in obtaining his plunder conviction. Is this some sort of compromise between the government and him?
He says the government, as a compromise, offered to turn the other way if he chooses voluntary exile. This just goes to show that Erap does not have an inkling of diplomatic processes. He chose not to accept the deal, and he should have lived to that whatever the outcome. He should not have whined about the supposed deal. The government has the right to deny everything he said about them.
The former president chose to take it all. He put too much faith on his masa, thinking they would ultimately acquit him. Yet the masa is impotent. The government has effectively divided and silenced them. There are those who still have deep loyalties for the former president, but without the higher ups to organize them, they would not pose a threat to government stability.
And what about those in the higher ups who used to support him? Some have whored themselves to the Administration, effectively withdrawing their support from Erap. Others, even though they still have Opposition sympathies, have turned a blind eye on Erap’s plight.
Despite what illusions Erap may harbor, his is not the face of the Opposition. In fact, the Opposition does not have a face. It is too diverse to hold anything but a nominal unity. I think this is a good thing. They may not hold much power over most matters, but they hold much sway in matters where they agree, where it matters most for the people.
So one corrupt got accused, and got convicted. There may be some hope still in our judiciary system. Hopefully, others will follow in the footsteps of Erap. May I suggest Abalos, the COMELEC commissioner be next?


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