I Didn’t Need to Know That

July 31, 2007

I’ve noticed girls here are more open about personal matters as compared to the girls I knew in Manila.

Back in Manila, I’ve never overheard girls discussing menstruation, cup size, choice of sanitary napkins, among other things. Yet I seem to be picking up a lot of things lately. There was this incident that happened earlier this day during our Anatomy and Physiology class. We had to measure our chest sizes during inhalation and exhalation.

Ever the quipper, I could not help but comment to a girl who was starting to place the tape measure around her chest, “That would be a 36D.”

Everyone laughed, but it did not end there. Another girl, who btw is very pretty, said, “Wow. That would be so gifted.”

Then she started bemoaning the state of her cup size, even adding that she placed socks and hankies there for obvious reasons. Then another girl said, “Ha,” she continued, “What would your future husband look like when he sees the socks!”

“Hey, that was long ago,” she answered.

“What about wonder bras,” another girl butted in. By then, I was ready to bolt out, but curiosity made me stay.

“They’re made with foam,” the flatter girl said, “but they’re really expensive. My sister owns a pair.”

“I only buy bras with wires,” the more rotund girl said, “they hold them together. Otherwise, they would sag, and that’s painful.”

“Good for you,” the flatter girl answered. “At least those wires could hold them. What if there’s nothing to hold up?” This, btw, is not entirely true. IMO, she was getting too hard on herself, but it would be inappropriate to voice my thoughts out loud.

Then there’s their monthly period. There was no shortage of questions about this topic during one of the class discussions. They went:

“Ma’am why is dysmenorrhea painful?”

“Should we take pain relievers?”

“Why does the hot shower reduce pain?”

“Does beer really help?”

“What if she bleeds for a day, then she bleeds again the next week, then the next week again,” one girl finally asked.

“Would that be you,” the teacher said.


“Then I think you better see your gynecologist.”

To which the entire female population in the class cried. “Ewww. Yuck.”

“Girls, the doctor respects it if you’re single,” our teacher said. “He won’t be poking around there. He uses the other entrance.”

And so it seems that girls here are still conservative, but they are still not shy about discussing such topics in front of guys. Although, I must admit that I’ve somehow enjoyed overhearing conversations, but the grisly details does really bother me when I think about them. How I miss the days when I didn’t hear about those topics, when they were shut off from the hearing of guys. If only there was a polite way of saying:




  1. Hahaha! Funny.

    But you write as if you’re the only guy in class.

  2. Yep. That’s true in the cup situation. It was a lab class, and the other 2 guys were absent that time.
    The period situation was different. The guys were just silent.

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