July 24, 2007

Months after I read the Principia Discordia, I was faced with the choice of eating a hot dog bun or go hungry. It would have been awkward to decline the free offer, considering that nobody there, to my knowledge, has even heard of Discordianism. Explaining that philosophy in a Bible study (of all places) is highly improper. The Bible holds Order in prime importance* while Discordianism holds Disorder as coequal and coeternal with Order.
I’ve never been a full supporter of Discordianism, but I was sympathetic to it. The Principia, its “holy” book (which is ironic since it is a demystifying philosophy), introduced me to Discordianism. It had a pseudo-religious tone with a scathing sarcastic humor that appealed to my intellectually parched mind. Nevertheless, I could not abandon the Christian faith. Discordianism pales in the light of the reality of Christ in whom Perfect Order is manifested**.
Yet, as I said earlier, I was sympathetic to Discordianism. I stopped eating hot dog buns as I recalled the story of the Original Snub. I had a Discordian celebration of Earth Day (I did not do much. My pineal gland won’t let me litter). I even drew the Sacred Chao everywhere (Everyone, however, thought it was the Yin-Yang. I did not disillusion them; they won’t understand my explanation anyway.).
I was convicted to renounce Discordianism altogether, which I partially did. I deleted my copy of the Principia, and stopped relating anything to the number Five. Yet despite those changes, I still refused to eat hot dog buns.
This may seem trivial, but the point is not about diet. It’s about acknowledging the truth of the Bible as opposed to all other thoughts and ideas, Discordianism included. Keeping that one tenant of Discordianism was tantamount to swearing off the Bible, considering that God is Jealous, and He would not give his glory to another.
Ironically, the lesson tonight included Manasseh. It should be remembered that Manasseh drastically altered the Divine Order of the Temple by introducing different designs and even heathen altars into its complex. The Lord considered this an evil thing. Even today, the Lord still considers anything that competes with His Order as evil. His words are not to be tampered with. He promises grave punishment to those who add or remove from them.
And so as I ate the hot dog bun, I renounced whatever vestige of Discordianism I still clung to. I know it’s incompatible with the truth of the Bible no matter how much I try to justify it. Although I must admit that it is a fun philosophy, it is not truth. It is a lie and should be abandoned. Nothing should compete with God given Order.

*According to the Bible: Church services should be ordered. The law itself is ordered. Corresponding punishment is meted out for the corresponding crime.
**Order does not mean uniformity. Remember the analogy of the church to the human body? One body, many parts. One church, many roles.


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