Obligatory Harry Potter Post

July 23, 2007

Although not the best (HP4 gets my vote), Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is nevertheless a very important part of the saga. It gave the series closure. I know a deluge of fanfics is forthcoming, but these would not change my opinion. Harry Potter is over for me. It’s now the stuff of history, something we all could look back to but could never add up to.
The book held a demystifying theme, which is ironic considering that it’s a book about magic. The pure and grandfatherly image of Gandalf image of Dumbledore shatters as the pages unfold. We are introduced to an ambitious and power hungry young man who reluctantly takes care of what is left of his family, which ended up in a death and a separation. Nevertheless, this failure revealed another side of the book that moralists would love, that of redemption. Dumbledore would henceforth be known as the champion of Muggles, protector of the weak, and the only one he ever feared.
Death also recurrs frequently in the book as it did in the other books of the saga*. It’s not just because of the fact that a lot of people die here. It’s also about the cost and the ever present presence of death in all circumstances in life. Yet the greatest example of this theme is reflected on the question, “Who is the real master of Death.” Is it he who tries to escape from it (Voldemort=escape from death), or is it he who faces it willingly for the life of his friends and his whole world?
And just as death symbolizes closure, I say goodbye to the world of Harry Potter. And just as death also symbolizes new life, I say hello to different book experiences that may or may not be better than the Harry Potter saga. Books will come and go, but there will only be one Harry Potter saga for me.

For an exhaustive list of examples: click the link:
I trust Snape
This is my tribute to Snape and to the community that upheld this view. I’m not an offical member of the list but I did support Snape always.

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