Of Ants and Me

July 9, 2007


We have an image of ants as noble, self sacrificing, and industrious creatures. Most who have heard Aesop’s fable of the Ant and the Grasshopper would agree with that statement, but I’m not one of them. I find it unfair to place ants in a special light when in reality they are not that noble. They are so overrated.

Ants are evil. They bite, and their sting hurts like hell leaving welts that both itch and hurt. They are thieves; they eat the food you leave, without thought to your feelings. They are vandals, destroying property for the selfish ambition of improving only their colonies. Plus, they are also destroyers. They break things, especially electrical ones.

That was how our clock stopped ticking. That was how our pump stopped drawing water. And that is also how this Sound Blaster is refusing to turn on. A bunch of ants have started to live inside there, and they’re not coming out. Just they wait later. I’ll show them that I am no respector of their reputations.

They are not the noble image of hard work. Rather, they are the image of the highest form of group selfishness. And so I must destroy their nest…


One comment

  1. bitaw. atong freshie pa ko kay gibalayan ug lamigas akong laptop. gipaabrihan pa sa akong kuya…

    red ants pa jud! sakit kaayo mamaak…

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