July 3, 2007

Some people go through life knowing what they want want, striving for it, even while still young. Some people don’t know what they want. They strive for a lot of things, but accomplish nothing. Some people discover what they want only after striving after other things. They may or may not accomplish something, but they will do what they have always wanted, but only lately acknowledged.
And with those words I open this blog.

I am one of the people who only discovered what they really wanted after exploring other things. I was graduated with an engineering course, but the thought of working as an engineer did not feel right. Somehow, I knew that I was meant for something else. And so I went home, planning to stay only for a few weeks. Things, however, did not turn out the way I planned them to be.

The weeks turned into months. I found out I wanted to be a doctor. It was not an impulsive decision. I even tested myself whether my motive was right or wrong by waiting for that feeling to disappear. It did not, despite many factors making me question this decision.

So this is how I, an engineer, an now taking up Microbiology, and Anatomy and Physiology. I need them to get inside the Medical School where I want to study. People think of my decision as weird. I don’t disillusion them. Weird or not, what matters is that people discover and work for what they truly want. Let’s just say that I am one of those people who are now taking up the challenge to strive for what they want.


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